Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Odd Fancies

New fic in the Odd Fancies section of Rogue Lemons over in the passworded Zone - a Little Vampire torture fic (well, I do have to maintain my position of Empress of Casual Torture every now and then...) starring Rookery and Frederic. This was written over a year ago but since it didn't naturally fit into any category at the time, I left it floating. Warning: fairly graphic quite nasty torture. If no like, no read.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Young Guns PWP

Just posted in The Zone, in a new category, the Odd Fancies section:

Shaman and Poet, a slashy Young Guns pwp (Chavez/Doc).

As usual, it's all Lutra's fault...

The Skype conversation went:
[09/06/2010 13:51:12] Flare says: have you seen Young Guns?
[09/06/2010 13:51:20] Lutra says: a loooooong time ago.
[09/06/2010 13:51:29] Lutra says: I quite liked it, I think.
[09/06/2010 13:51:40] Flare says: yes, me too - odd, because I don't like westerns, but it was enjoyable. Especially a very pretty, very sweet Kiefer Sutherland.
[09/06/2010 13:52:27] Lutra says: [bg] oh yes, I remember him. And a young Lou Diamond Phillips... wonder if there's any slash about?...

The answer is, bugger all - so I wrote some.