Monday, May 26, 2008

On a more serious note...

(Xposted to Zone Doubt)

Anyone who has visited the password protected section of WaveWrights in the last month or so will probably have noted the PayPal 'donate' button there - and much as I'd rather not ask, the accompanying blurb basically says it all:
If you have enjoyed the stories here, please consider making a small donation to help keep The Zone going: this website is expensive to run, and if we have to downsize, unfortunately the password protected section would have to be the first to go. (Also, if I know people are reading here, I will be encouraged to write more stories!)
The (other) Zone has well over 400 members with access - not sure how many, might be heading for 500; I gave up counting several years ago when I stopped sending out update emails. If even half of that number donated just £1, or $1, it would be enough to keep The Zone going for almost another two years - and reassure me that people still enjoy the writing there. If there's no interest, unless things pick up (or we win the lottery) when the hosting sub falls due later this year I'll migrate the site to the Supanames server. Supanames do not allow any 'adult' material on their sites, so The Zone (Darkside, Rogue Lemons et al) will have to go, although a tiny handful of the stories there will still be found on FFNet and Adult FFNet.